Primal Scene of Japan:A Journey to the Countryside of Okitama,Yamagata


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Local reporters deliver you daily attractions in Okitama Branch.
「Roasted ayu with salt.」画像

Roasted ayu with salt.

Look at this photo .This makes..

2011.10.11 [yo-ko's Diary]


Look at these colorful ice-cre..



coming soon.

2011.09.01 [inbound]


From Niigata City: Get off the..

2011.09.01 [inbound]
「What is Okitama?」noimg

What is Okitama?

OkitamaThe word “Okitama" deri..

2011.09.01 [inbound]

Primal Scene of Japan: Journey to Countryside, Okitama-Yamagata.
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