Primal Scene of Japan°ßA Journey to the Countryside of Okitama,Yamagata

History and Culture

Okitama's atmosphere and cityscape is colored with the remnants of Samurai Culture.
°»Samurai Culture°…
Several hundred years ago Japan was ruled by samurai.
Samurai families, such as the Uesugi family, ruled in Okitama too, building a samurai culture.
You can still feel the remnants of their culture in the present day.

°…Mogami River Transportation - Streets of Merchant Houses and Ancient Hina Dolls°…
The basin area of Yamagata's mother river, the Mogami, was connected to Osaka and Kyoto by westbound route from Sakata and later made famous in the TV drama °»Oshin°….
Many merchants became rich by selling safflowers in Japan's capital, bringing back back souvenirs and western culture.
This western Japanese cultural influence can still be seen in Okitama today, where a historic merchant town still exists.

History & Culture Report

Primal Scene of Japan: Journey to Countryside, Okitama-Yamagata.
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