Primal Scene of Japan°ßA Journey to the Countryside of Okitama,Yamagata

About this site

The content of this website can be divided into two categories.

The first is a brief overview of the Okitama region.
This introduces the main features of Okitama with beautiful pictures, including nature, food and drink, hot springs, and history and culture.

The other is information from °»Okitama local reporters°….
These reporters are foreigners living in Okitama and Japanese who have experience living abroad. They introduce attractions and experiences from their everyday lives to tourists.

Lovers of the Okitama region have come together to create this site, and hope that you will be as excited to visit here after browsing this site as we are to be living here!
Primal Scene of Japan: Journey to Countryside, Okitama-Yamagata.
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