Primal Scene of JapanA Journey to the Countryside of Okitama,Yamagata


You can enjoy a variety of locally produced foods in Okitama including Yonezawa beef, a brand of Japanese beef famous nationwide, as well as fruits, sake, and wine.
Yonezawa Beef
Yonezawa beef is considered one of Japan's three most famous brands of beef, along with Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef.
Yonezawa beef's most famous characteristics are its fine marbling and high quality fat.
This high-quality fat features a rich flavor and aroma, tender texture, and seems to almost melt in your mouth.
This is made possible by both the climate of Okitama and the generations of hard work of Okitamans' ancestors.
Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu are highly recommended ways to eat Yonezawa beef.

Okitama is a fruits kingdom, where you can enjoy cherries in July, grapes throughout the summer, and La France western pears and apples in autumn.
Extreme differences in temperature between day and night make juicy and sweet fruits.

Alcohol (Sake, Unrefined Sake, Wine)
Sake and doburoku (unrefined sake) are made from high quality local rice and water drawn from underneath the mountains.
Wines made from local grapes are also famous.

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Primal Scene of Japan: Journey to Countryside, Okitama-Yamagata.
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