Primal Scene of Japan:A Journey to the Countryside of Okitama,Yamagata


From Niigata City: Get off the Hokuriku/Nihonkai-Tohoku expressway at Nakajyo I.C. Get on R7 to Murakami City. Switch to R113 for 30mins to Oguni Town.
From Fukushima: R13 to Yonezawa City.
From Kitakata: R121 for 45mins to Yonezawa City.
From Miyagi: Get off the Tohoku expressway at Shiroishi I.C. Take R113 for 60mins to Takahata Town
From Sendai City: Get off the Tohoku/Yamagata expressway at Yamagata Zao I.C. Take R286 to R348 for 40mins to Shirataka Town.

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2011/09/01 16:59
Primal Scene of Japan: Journey to Countryside, Okitama-Yamagata.
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